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This is “Sailor Zombie”, a zombie arcade game featuring AKB48. The entirety of AKB48 are infected, for reasons, and you play a lone nerd who teams up with the one member who’s only half-infected, also for reasons. Together you fight her bandmates (who seem to be simultaneously healed and incapacitated by bullets), other AKB fans, and…giant wolf things. Fortunately, the AKB48 zombies can be made docile by luring them into performing their hits, so every so often there’s a rhythm game with perky grey zombies doing dance routines.

After the crisis, your partner leans in as if to kiss you, then goes, “lol just kidding” and leaves with the rest of AKB48, leaving the protagonist alone, frustrated, and confused.

This is an actual game that actually exists.



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I couldn’t have clicked the motherfucking follow button faster after I saw the pinata cookies with mini m&m’s inside holy shit let me tell you

Sburban Jungle Koto Draft




Work-in-progress, so this is recorded with my crappy computer mic, unfinished and lacking mixing. But here’s the beginning of Sburban Jungle on koto :)


jesus is this played live??? Like on a real Koto? Holy FUCK.

…sort of! It is a real koto, but there’s no way I can play all the parts of Sburban Jungle at once (even if I were more skilled, I think it’s physically impossible with only two hands), so I recorded each part separately, then played them back simultaneously :)

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merry valentines i hope ur smoother than aliens

these aliens just get lesser and lesser suave 

Don’t forget Mordin’s “Your lower eyelids did a thing, but I’m not interested in you or the army of people trying to bang me” or Morinth’s “You’ll totally survive the brain hemorrhage I’m about to give you.”

Actually because Photosets only allow 10 pictures I couldn’t be bothered to upload some and left out a few, seeing as I didn’t think it’d get any notes.

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semitone-shift said: man that koto sounds gorgeous

It does! I’m so pleased with it. (I named her Okimi :) )

It’s really hard to avoid making scratches on the wood when taking the bridges on and off though…but if you leave them on, they gradually crack and the strings loosen, and I’d rather superficial damage than that.

I think it’s inevitable, since I’ve noticed all my teacher’s koto have dents and scratches too :( 

Sburban Jungle Koto Draft

Work-in-progress, so this is recorded with my crappy computer mic, unfinished and lacking mixing. But here’s the beginning of Sburban Jungle on koto :)

revolutionator said: omg can you record it…. aaaaa

Actually, I’ve recorded the little I’ve done! Mostly for my own reference, since I couldn’t be bothered writing out a score, and because the only way to do a full arrangement is to record the parts on separate tracks and play them together.

I’ll put up what I have so far :)